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Security: a point of alignment for Gambians

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This, though, may not have gone down well with those who wished otherwise. It has also not escaped the attention of mischief makers, who have exploited the open social media fora to spread dangerous and false claims, with the aim of causing widespread panic.

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However, it must be mentioned therefore that there is a renewed commitment and unity on the side of the Gambian people in the campaign against events that could lead to insecurity in the country. And if expressed opinions of people is anything to go by, it is quite encouraging and positive. Gambian people have clearly spoken out against the attack with many appealing for the expansion of the scope of the promotion of peace and security in the country. 


For example, at a recent sitting of the National Assembly, the Majority Leader of the House was quick to applaud the Minority Leader who comes from the other side of the political divide for his outspoken condemnation of the attack. Fabakary Tombong Jatta said the Minority Leader from the opposition NRP was simply being sensitive to the fact that there was need for the maintenance of peace and security in the country for the benefit of all. 


It is a known fact that insecurity threatens due process especially the practise of democracy and good governance. Also, it brings development to a standstill and this means Gambians must continue to advocate for peace. The Gambia has been commended for being one of the most peaceful countries in West Africa and Africa as a whole and anything that seeks to harm that reputation should be discouraged. 


It is heartwarming to state that Gambians are now rallying to eschew politics, ethnicity and religion, the usual avenues that are exploited to cause division. The people have made a timely call for government to identify and handle any security loophole that the attack might have occasioned. Therefore, the armed and security forces have come under a stern test but they have proved that the country can rely on them whenever the need arises.


While we commend all our armed and security forces for standing up together to ward off the December 30 attack, we urge Gambians regardless of political affiliation, tribe or religion, to fully cooperate in the promotion of peace and security in the country. Trouble or insecurity knows no political party or group. This emphasises the need for Gambians to declare an all-out war on insecurity. 


As enshrined in our beautiful national anthem, The Gambia is our home land and unity and peace we pray each day.


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