Security threats in the West African region


Activities of the forces of chaos are being balanced between causes and effects where a spill over is imminent from the trenches in Ukraine to West Africa.  The latter is an area where both mercenary and terrorist sleeper cells remain dormant not extinct.

Soon after the fall of the USSR, the Balkan states who wanted to join NATO had “left over arms and armouries” at their disposal, which ultimately found their way into the hands of armed rebels in West Africa through gun runners like the merchant of death Victor Bout.

Others like the Peacock Munzer Al Khaser were on the world stage of arms dealers before Victor.


Recently we have started seeing the same tidal wave of a “spill over” again! A prepared mind is never taken by surprise by unexpected eruptions. On the other hand the unprepared mind is always the partner of indifference. Indifference certainly leads to regrets for the negligent. Simply put, indifference can be equated to negligence! What makes matters worse is that oil and other resources are buried under the surface of the gulf of Guinea or West Africa. Natural resources do obviously come with benefits but so do they magnetise wars and misery if appropriate measures are not put in place. First step to prevent turmoil is to avoid corruption and mismanagement where hopes and aspirations are tied to great expectations. Terrorism or banditry cannot thrive where access to resources and dynamic operational policies are guaranteed within responsibility. Corruption and indifference within the ranks of any system is a good breeding ground for social tensions. In fact mismanagement of resources is always part of the major propellers of the vessels of security threats.

Essa Bokar Sey