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Sedia Jatta angry over Faraba shootings

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By Kaddy Jawo

Following Monday’s fatal clash in Faraba Banta where two residents were shot and killed by the PIU and dozens wounded, the National Assembly Member for Wuli West Hon. Sedia Jatta has condemned the killings on the assembly floor.
“The people of this country are crying and suffering and this is rubbish and people are tired of these brutal killings. It must stop right now,” he said.

“People are killing each other in this country and people are at each other’s throats and the relevant authorities are never held responsible and this needs to stop now because enough is enough,” he stressed.
He described the recent land disputes in the country as ‘disastrous’, saying people are cutting each other’s throats and nothing is being done about it.

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He challenged the National Assembly select committee on land and environment to look into the issues very critically because people’s lands and compounds have been taken illegally without compensation.
He added: “I thought this committee would have dealt with these problems long time because it is very crucial and people are crying helplessly.

“We have heavy responsibilities on our shoulders as lawmakers and we should solve their problems. We are their eyes, hands and ears and we must bring satisfaction to those who have elected us as National Assembly Members. If not, we will be held responsible.”

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