By Alagie Manneh

The spokesperson and press secretary of APRC party, Seedy Njie, has questioned the authenticity of the list of alleged properties, including bank accounts and businesses the government said belong to former president Yahya Jammeh.
Speaking in an interview with The Standard, Mr Njie said he was “baffled and perplexed,” and that he couldn’t understand how the list of the frozen assets of Jammeh was compiled.
“You look at the list… to be honest I just cannot understand,” he said. “How many bank accounts they say [the former leader has]? When you look at the list, you see farms in CRR, farms in Ballanghar. Also, you look at the accounts, the APRC accounts. I wonder, I ask myself, really, are these people doing their homework?”
According to the Nianija politician, the former President is not even aware of the existence of those accounts.
“I couldn’t imagine what I was reading in the newspapers. But anyway, the truth shall always prevail,” he added.
According to him, the list lacks “due diligence and sincerity”.
“I also saw the Jammeh Foundation Hospital accounts and I said to myself, I hope the staff in that hospital will receive their salary this month because their accounts have been frozen. I don’t know what those accounts got to do with President Jammeh.
“I also saw Ebrima Sanyang refuting allegations… So I don’t know how this whole thing is being done but I am sure the APRC will come out with a press conference or a statement in which the interim leader will set the record straight. I assure you that. I don’t know the yardstick they have been using but it looks very funny. “



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