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SEEDY NJIE QUITS APRC As Amul named new spokesman

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By Omar Bah

The spokesman of the opposition APRC, Seedy Njie, has resigned from the party, sources close to the former ruling party told The Standard last night.
Njie who was forced to resign as the APRC spokesperson last Monday after claiming in an exclusive interview with The Standard that he is “100 per cent President Barrow” has been one of the most outspoken members of the party since leader, President Jammeh left power 17 months ago.


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“I can reliably inform you that Seedy Njie is no more APRC. And sooner than later, he will make it known to everybody because he cannot hide the truth forever,” the source intimated to this paper.
According to our source, Mr Njie“is between a rock and a hard place because although he is finished with the party, he does not want to upset Fabakary Tombong or the former president. That is the delay why he has not already tendered his letter.”
Mr Njie could not be reached on the telephone last night.


Amul Nyassi new spokesman
Meanwhile, interim leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta disclosed at a press conference yesterday at the APRC bureau at Manjai Kunda, that Seedy Njie has resigned as the party’s spokesperson following the comments he made demonstrating his loyalty to President Adama Barrow.

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“The APRC as party acknowledge the efforts and contributions of Seedy Njie and we will never forget what he has done for the party. But his utterances were a concern. We engage him after that and he agreed to resign. And now that he has resigned he is at liberty to speak freely,” he added.
Jatta also disclosed that parliamentarian Amul Nyassi has since replaced Njie as the party’s spokesman. In a related development, Dodou Jah has been selected deputy spokesperson and secretary; Borry Colley second deputy party leader; Mberry Sowe deputy women’s mobiliser; Musa Ndow deputy youth mobiliser and Bakary Dembo Badjie co-opted as an executive.

“The changes are necessitated to redress the act of some party members whose behaviours pose a threat of jeopardising the harmony and unity of the party. In this vein, I therefore urge all supporters of the APRC to be aware of the changes and continue to give their maximum support to the party,” he pleaded.
“All loyalists are hereby informed that the former president and founding father has given his blessings to the current executive,” he stated.

Speaking further, FTJ said former President Jammeh, during a phone call from his exile base in Equatorial Guinea, has called on all APRC party supporters to avoid making incendiary comments, that could jeopardise peace and security in the country.
On Rtd Gen MA Bah’s rival leadership bid, FTJ said: “That has since been settled and MA Bah is still a member of the APRC. We are discussing to reconcile and probably in the coming days we will inform Gambians in due course.”

Meanwhile, The Standard has learnt that the former general who reportedly told Omar Wally of Fatunetwork that he has resigned from the APRC, has since rescinded his decision, at the urging of his family.

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