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Seedy Njie tackles OJ over pro-gay comments

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In an exclusive interview with The Standard yesterday, the young APRC politician said: “The comment he [OJ] made in the interview is entirely wrong, in toto. It was geared towards misleading the Gambian people and sending a wrong impression that does not represent their wishes, aspirations and will. For OJ to sit down, talk about this issue and urge government to repeal that law [homosexuality law] is very unfortunate. I am very sorry to say but I think every sensible person with dignity, religious belief, belief in Africa or civilisation will never preach against the very ideals of Allah. If anybody who practices homosexuality or encourages or supports homosexuality in the name of human rights, in the name of making a name, in the name of self-propaganda or self-aggrandisement, is indeed a person who is also not fair to himself, to his family, to the world and is against nature. 

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“If hundred years ago, everybody was allowed to practise this [homosexuality] and we adopt it as a way of life, we would not have been here and the world would have ended. In effect, OJ is out to advocate, support and call for an end to the world and the extinction of humans. In short, OJ is preaching for the world to end. Anybody who practices this is not fair to his or her parents who bring him or her to this world… So anybody who promotes and preaches or supports homosexuality should himself be charged for one of the highest offences in the world… even more than murder and treason because you are advocating for an end to the world. 

“When you look at homosexuality in all its form… either sodomy as it was first called to homosexuality to sexual orientation to LGBT, it is the West and the so-called gay-orientated people that advocated for these name changes. But as a result of its gravity and seriousness, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and other religions or even those who do not believe in God, condemn the act in the strongest possible terms. 

“OJ went further to talk about other crimes… you see those arguments are baseless because whatever sin or crime one commits under the natural law which is also the divine law, Allah will wait until the day of resurrection. There are also the man-made laws which are subject to amendment, repeal or changes as time goes by. We have been told that because of its severity and to tell the rest of mankind that nobody on earth should practise this heinous act, Allah in His infinite power, decided to punish all of them [people of the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah] including their animals and other materials such as their compounds. He could have punished only those who practised it but instead buried everything.  People talk about fornication and other crimes but we have never heard a punishment of such magnitude [being meted out] to those people.”


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