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Seedy Njie urges youths to assume national responsibilities

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Seedy Njie made the comment in Farato where a group of youths gathered at the alkalo’s residence to officially unveil their new voluntary organisation and to have the community’s head as its Yai Compin.

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He charged the youths of the Talented Youths Development Association: “The important thing is that you want to reach greater ground but you have to unite, love each other and be hard working. Discipline and respect are also important and it’s only that way you will respect your elders in peace and harmony. The president always says it that, ‘The Gambia belongs to all of us and it is us that should develop it. No one will come from outside the country to develop it for us.” Therefore, the young people are the muscle upon which the development of our country depends. We are the productive sector and I want to emphasise the issue of togetherness in the organisation. There are those who are bent on misleading you because they will tell you not to take part in politics when in fact politics is part of our lives. You should all rally behind the president and make sure you complement his efforts on nation-building. We will support you because it is all part of the broader effort to support the president’s development objectives.”

Aja Fatou Sowe, the alkalo of Farato village while welcoming the youths to her residence said the young people of the community should take up more responsibilities in national development. “President Jammeh knows what he is doing in terms of appointment of people especially young people. This is why he selected Seedy Njie to serve the interest of young people at the National Assembly. Leadership is destined by God and therefore you should all rally behind the president.”

Earlier, Lamin Jammeh, president of the Talented Youths Development Association stated: “This association comprise young people of Farato, Busumbala, Brikama and Yundum. It was formed in November as a voluntary organisation with the broad aim of promoting unity among young people in these communities. Since its founding, our membership has widened and we have been engaged in a series of activities including sensitisations, community cleaning exercises and other community development issues. We are here to formally have Aja Fatou Sowe [Farato Alkalo] as the Yai Compin of the association.”


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