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SIC stance on Ahmadiyya not an executive decision

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Yankuba Colley who is also the mayor of the Kanifing Municipality while speaking exclusively to The Standard said the latest stance of the Supreme Islamic Council against the Ahmadis was not an ‘executive order’.  

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“It is not an executive order and that’s it. SIC is a religious body and we are a political party and a government. We have nothing to do with that,” he added. “Now that the Ahmadis also responded, let him come on that also. You see when someone wants cheap popularity, he does whatever he wants to do.”

“These people [opposition] only talk about problems. You will never hear them talk about something that is progressive for this country. They only talk about problems and what will bring in problems. He [Darboe] cannot provoke us on anything because we know them. Are we the Supreme Islamic Council? No. SIC is a religious entity and it has nothing to do with our political programmes.” 

Grades OJ ‘F’ on agriculture

Meanwhile, Yankuba Colley has also delivered a ruthless evaluation of opposition-PPP leader Omar Jallow who has been consistent in his view that the recent Fighting Hunger Award on The Gambia is a ‘joke.’ 

“I don’t like talking about him because of certain reasons. But I will say he is a bit jealous here. So many agricultural projects were here and they all failed. Remember he was a minister of agriculture and he never made The Gambia to win this type of an award. So this man [President Jammeh] is a farmer and he has shown everybody that he is a farmer. Internationally, people would come to this country and would say they have never seen a president like him. So if The Gambia should get that award, what should be a positive Gambian’s view? The award is not President Jammeh’s, but rather it is for all Gambians including himself. 

“He said Gambians are starving but have you seen any Gambian starving? Any Gambian that you see is looking fresh. Gambians are taking their three daily meals and so how are we starving? In my municipality, I have not got one single report that the people are hungry. I have also travelled extensively across the country and I have not heard of any case of people living in hunger.” 


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