By Omar Bah

Samba Bah, the charismatic singer much admired by former President Jammeh, in praise of whom he made songs, is alive and well, months after his death was rumored across the country and beyond.

Bah’s alleged disappearance and death at the hands of Jammeh’s agents was so widely circulated that most Gambian rights defenders almost counted him as one of the victims of Jammeh’s atrocities with some claiming he was sacrificed before last year’s presidential election.
However, The Standard on Monday stumbled on a credible source abroad, which confidently revealed that the singer is alive and is in fact living in The Gambia and has never even fled the country.
Pressed to give evidence or contact details of the singer, our source declined saying Bah does not want to be disturbed but is keen to confirm that he is alive and well. Pressed further and source provided The Standard an audio of a brand new song done by Samba Bah.


In the song, clearly tailor-made to prove he is alive, Bah sang about recent political developments including the victory of coalition and even calling First Lady Fatoumatta Bah- Barrow.
The singer also called on his fans to know that he is alive and unharmed in this following lyrics translated from Mandinka: ”many fans are crying, by the grace of God nothing has happened to me.
The First Lady Fatoumatta Bah will not disappoint, Sajor Baldeh wipe your tears
Adama Barrow says Gambia, Coalition says Gambia , Time for work”, the song goes.