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SK West applauded for ‘political maturity’

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By Aminata Camara

Matarr Ceesay, the PDOIS candidate who lost to his UDP opponent, has paid homage to the people of Serekunda West constituency, for the “political maturity” they displayed in the recently concluded National Assembly election.

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Ceesay said even though the UDP eventually beat him together with the APRC to the hot-seat, he is not disappointed and took delight in participating in the important parliamentary election.
Speaking to The Standard, Mr Ceesay said: “Of course I am not necessarily disappointed because anybody who is vying for such position that so many people are interested in, you have to expect to win or lose. So no, it wasn’t a disappointment.

“If you look at the trend it was a three-horse race with the UDP, APRC and PDOIS doing well, but unfortunately UDP got the seat.”
Mr Ceesay emphasised how grateful he is to the people of Serrekunda West, who also made their voices heard in choosing their next leader.

“They have decided, so I will thank the electorates and those who participated in it for acting maturely”.
On his overall assessment of the April polls, Ceesay said: “It was a very interesting campaign. I think we need a lot of political education in order to make our people aware and select credible candidates and do away with color politics.”

He promised to continue doing his quota in nation building.
He also revealed plans to open his own office outlet, where people will come in and get their problems or issues addressed.

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