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Friday, September 25, 2020

SKJ writes Jammeh

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Mr Jaiteh said President Jammeh’s present onslaught to turn all sectors of the economy around on development benefit terms has attracted admiration globally.

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The Baddibou-born, Banjul Albert Market Committee Chairman’s message read: “It gives me the singular pleasure to convey my heartfelt wishes for Allah’s blessings on to you, family and government on the occasion of the New Year. I sincerely want to put on record my greatest admiration for your tireless efforts at developing our dear country especially in the areas of agriculture and infrastructural development. It’s now everyone’s knowledge that your work towards eradicating poverty and avoiding hunger in the country is recognised around the globe, hence the recent FAO award which I think would be followed by many more as we head towards another milestone, the successful realisation of Vision 2016.”

Mr Jaiteh stated that Jammeh’s commitment towards the entrenchment of development pointers and indicators in the country needs to be commended.

It added: “Sir, let me assure you that I have a personal experience, as a frequent user of the Baddibou road, of the landmark changes you recorded in the history of road construction in the country, with most parts of the country now a few hours’ drive from Banjul, compared to the past when days are spent on impassable roads, trying to move from place to place. In conclusion Sir, allow me to pray for Allah’s protection for you against all evils as you go ahead to deliver our dear nation from the clutches of under development to a modern nation of dignified people.”


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