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A terse statement signed by Lt Malick Sanyang, armed forces spokesman on behalf of the chief of defence staff appealed that “the effort and support of every law-abiding citizen especially the sister security services regarding this matter will be highly appreciated”. 

It asked for anyone with knowledge of the whereabouts of Lance Corporal Jarju to call the following telephone numbers: 9828577 – 9965440 – 99125491 – 4494119.

In our 16 September edition, we carried a news story under the headline ‘Gaf, police investigating alleged murder involving soldier’.  It reported that Gaf and police detectives were investigating a homicide involving a serving member of the army Lance Corporal Jarju who was suspected to have caused the death of Demba Cole, 28, of Kanifing Estate.

We quoted sources as saying Demba was involved in an incident with the soldier in Lamin Daranka during which he suffered injuries reportedly leading to his death.

At the time, Lt Sanyang refused to make a committal statement regarding the extent of the involvement of Cpl Jarju in the suspected murder by stating: “As of this moment, all I can say is the alleged murder case is undergoing due process of investigations. If we know more, you will also be made to know more.”

However, apart from the contents of last night’s brief statement declaring Jarju wanted for murder, Lt Sanyang did not volunteer any further comment.


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