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Solo Sandeng – A personality of national significance

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“A state funeral is a public funeral ceremony, observing the strict rules of protocol, held to honor people of national significance.

State funerals usually include much pomp and ceremony as well as religious overtones and distinctive elements of military tradition” – Wikipedia

Directives for a state funeral are generally given by the Head of State to express the highest honor to a person of outstanding national service to the nation. Such an occasion may include”: –

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o          the lying-in-state of the deceased for the public to pay their last respect

o          religious service and a non-religious eulogy

o          a guard of honor

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o          funeral cortege

o          and a military farewell.

The pomp and ceremony is usually graced by the presence of:-

o          The Head of State

o          Heads of the Judiciary and Legislature

o          Leaders of other political parties

o          Members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps

o          High Ranking Members of the Security Service (Armed Forces, Police and Intelligence)

o          Religious leaders and Elders

o          Other distinguished guests and the public.

What was amiss?

The numerous tributes to Solo Sadeng are immense and deeply significant in the political history of the Gambia.

Solo (Ebrima) Sandeng will remain a household name. His sacrifice goes beyond the national borders of the Gambia. He represents a struggle – a struggle against tyranny and a struggle for democracy. He definitely represents a universal value system for the liberty of mankind.

His death should be a beacon of national unity and conscience – a conscience that unites the nation that had lived the realities of abject brutality.

It is a conscience for all institutions of governance to uphold for the sustenance of freedom, justice, rule of law and respect for human rights within the concept of the national mantra of “Never Again”.

His death shall forever remain a thorn of deterrence in the conscience of the inhumane, ruthless, merciless and sadistic minds of individuals and mentality of institutions of any undemocratic governance system.

May his soul rest in peace.

 Lamino Lang Coma


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