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State accountant testifies against Ousman Badjie

Testifying as a state witness, Mr Sillah said he did not know Faisal Bojang in person. 

“I was among those who went to the embassy in Paris to review the activities, from the time Faisal Bojang took over to the time he left. We installed a new financial attaché,” he said. 

He added that after the review, all the accounts were checked before they held a meeting with a bank in Paris. “From there we wrote our report and submitted it. Ousman Badjie was then the head of the embassy in Paris.”

Under cross-examination, Mr Sillah admitted that Faisal Bojang was a staff member of the Accountant-General’s Office while he was the financial attaché in Paris. He added that Faisal Bojang was answerable to the head of the consular section, who was different from the head of mission.

Badjie was represented by Lamin Camara, while AM Yusuf represented the state.

Badjie, a former ambassador to France, is on trial for allegedly causing 34,333 euros loss to the government of The Gambia being revenue collected but not deposited by Faisal Bojang, former financial attaché who was working under him at the Gambian embassy in Paris. He denied the charges.

Trial resumes on March 24.


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