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SYDO to host beauty event to finance multipurpose centre in Basse

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Press release

The Serahule Youth Development Organisation (SYDO) plans to organise a beauty contest on 4 May 2018, from 7pm onwards, at the Alliance Francaise along Kairaba Avenue, to raise funds to develop a multi-purpose centre in Basse, in the far East of The Gambia, almost 400 Kilometres from the Capital-Banjul.
“The purpose of the event is to raise funds to finance the construction of a Multi-purpose centre located in Basse, Upper River Region (URR).

“In 2013, SYDO requested for a plot of land from the Basse Area Council to build a multi-purpose centre and this was embraced by the council and a plot of land measuring 50mX35X50X25 was allocated at the Manneh Kunda Institutional area in 2014.
“The organisation organised series of fundraising activities to raise money for fencing,” said Muhammed Lamin Juwara- SYDO President.

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Mr Juwara further stated that a sketch plan of the multi-purpose centre was also prepared and the next step now is to start the construction. “Looking at the amount that it will require, the association deems it necessary to stage another fundraising to erect the structures.

“This multi-purpose centre will assist in reducing the rural-urban drifts, as youth are forced to come to urban areas to search for skills and opportunities. In that case, this multi-purpose centre will help in building skills and knowledge on carpentry, plumbing, electronics, tailoring, etc,” he stated.
Mr Juwara called on all to support this noble initiative to get this project moving by anyhow for the betterment of the URR youth folk.

SYDO was registered in June 2009 as a non-profit making charitable organisation, aimed to foster and promote understanding and co-operation among its members and between its members and the government of The Republic of The Gambia and other groups or societies for the purpose of contributing effectively to the progress and development of The Gambia and her people.
The organization has since been active supporting its target communities in the areas of agriculture, social services, sports, cultural promotion, among others

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