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TAGO to plant 2000 seedlings country-wide

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By Olimatou Coker

Together Africa Gambia Organization (TAGO) in partnership with Young Africa Network for Global Goal are set to plant 2000 trees in the 7 regions of the country.

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This project aims to provide 500 seedlings for all regions, which will help in restructuring the forests and promoting wildlife conservation in The Gambia.

In an interview, Fatou Mbaye, vice president (TAGO), said: “This project is for every Gambian because we have seen that trees are very limited in The Gambia and if trees are limited, there will be no enough rain and there will be loss of animals in the forest. That is why we want to do this tree planting.”

Lamin Jammeh, chairperson, said the project is funded by Young Africa Network for Global Goal which consists of 25 African countries. He said they want the communities to take the ownership of these trees they are about to plant.

“We also want the commitment of the people especially the governors, chiefs and the alkalolu and the young people of that particular community to take ownership of these trees. We are going to meet all the national youth councils in all the regions and work with them hand in glove to make sure that this tree growing exercise is completed,” he added.

According to him, the Africa Gambia organization will also engage young people in all the regions to have people on the ground who are going to take care of the trees as they want the sustainability of these trees.

He further said the organization has more projects in the pipeline but this tree planting will determine whether we will able to get another project to the Gambian people.

Meanwhile, he noted that each community will have the opportunity to identify the type of tree they want, as they will invite the National Environment Agency, Forestry and Agriculture to give them the technical support on the soil system.

The aim of the Africa Gambia organization is to connect Africa through cultural heritage, peace, advocacy, and youth empowerment project.

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