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By Tabora Bojang

Four teachers from Sinchu Alagie lower basic school have been arrested and questioned by police for leading pupils to protest without permit, deputy police spokesperson Cadet ASP Muhammed Darboe confirmed to this paper yesterday.

The four teachers and their students were protesting against the alleged abduction of their mate, a 13-year-old girl by three people believed to be foreigners who forced her to swallow a coin, causing her severe health complications.

They reportedly stormed the police station to express solidarity with the victim and renewed calls for justice.

According to police deputy PRO Darboe, the teachers were arrested because protesting in The Gambia without permit is illegal.

“They were arrested and questioned for few hours and released but not yet charged as investigations continue. They did not have a permit and secondly, they gathered children, some of whom are in Grade 4 and held a protest at the entrance of the police station. So that was when the station officer got them to come and answer questions as to why should they mobilise innocent kids to protest when they could have just come to the station to seek for permit,” the policeman explained.

He said during interrogations, the arrested teachers claimed they were out only to show solidarity and bring public attention to the plight of their student.

According to the police, a Guinean and two Sierra Leoneans have been arrested and charged with abduction and conspiracy.

He said their arrest came after police got tip off from the victim’s mother.

PRO Darboe said victim is responding to treatment at the EFSTH.

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