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The food aid package

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On Sunday, the 26th of April 2020 President Adama Barrow announced some new measures in the fight against the dreaded coronavirus which is ravaging the world. The President also launched a food aid package in order to support the people who are in need during this difficult time.

Since the declaration of the State of Public Emergency by the president more than a month ago, many citizens have complained about the economic difficulties the measures introduced by the government have brought about.

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As the Gambia is a poor country with majority of the people living under a dollar a day, which means that they are earning their living on a daily basis, a measure that requires them to stay home will certainly bring about economic hardships.

Countries around the world have taken similar measures to fight the pandemic and have had to also roll out support packages for their people. It has been recognized that the effects of COVID-19 are not only on healthcare but also economically. This is why it is important to put mechanisms in place to ensure that the economy is not adversely affected.

Among the announcements the president made on Sunday include the distribution of rice, sugar, cooking oil and other items to thousands of Gambians in order to help them during these difficult times. The president has also announced the pardoning of over one hundred inmates from the country’s prisons, all in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

There have been many measures undertaken by the Government and the general public and it is hoped that the spread of this virus will be brought to a halt. What the takeaway from all this is for citizens to continue to observe all the instructions given by the WHO and the Ministry of Health and ensure that together the spread of this virus is nipped in the bud.

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