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The Gambia’s unharnessed potentials

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The exclusive interview that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SaHel Invest Abdoulie ‘Bax’ Touray had with West Coast Radio’s Tuesday edition of Coffee Time with Peter Gomez was quite revealing of the great potentials available in this country.

In his incisive discourse of the Gambia’s development trajectory, Mr. Touray also gave examples of numerous Gambians with vast knowledge and experiences in virtually every human endeavour, and most of whom had served as experts in various parts of the world. Most of those experts with quite a wealth of knowledge in their various fields of specialisation are either right here in this country or are available at a peck, and yet, no one seems to have utilized their vast experiences.

What we however seem to lack in this country is the political will and the right policies to harness those potentials. For instance, it is quite hard to justify why President Adama Barrow has a majority of his advisers being people of very low calibre who hardly have the capacity to advise a village alkalo let alone a head of state while we have all these Gambians with the requisite expertise and experiences who would have no doubt willingly offered their services if they were approached. There is no doubt that if President Barrow had appointed those people as his advisers rather than engaging people simply because of their loyalty to his NPP, most of the problems currently confronting his government could have been averted.

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DA Jawo


Political parties are public institutions

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One does not have to be a member of a political party to say what they think about the party and its leader.

In The Gambia, some people think that when one’s not a member of a political party, they should have nothing to say about what they think of the party and its leader.

Well, The Gambia is a democracy and political parties are public institutions.

The UDP is the only political vehicle for change in The Gambia.

The UDP leadership should measure up to the political leadership expectations of the general Gambian public for change and national development.

The UDP leadership should give us the party leader and the political agenda for government that’ll win the 2026 presidential election, change and develop the Gambian democracy and economy.

The UDP as a political party, a public institution cannot keep giving The Gambia the same party leader and his nonpolitical agenda for government and keep losing the presidential election and no one is allowed to say that. Democracy doesn’t work like that!

The UDP needs a leader who could put together the political agenda and strategy for government that’ll win the 2026 presidential election.

That’s all we’re asking for! We don’t want to lose the 2026 presidential election and a repeat of the same nonsense political talking points after losing the election- The IEC Stole The Election.

You must have rocks in your head to believe that the UDP on its own could win the presidential election in The Gambia!

Why’s the UDP not taking the political initiatives and strategy that’ll win the party and The Gambia the next presidential election and the redemption of democracy and economic development in The Gambia?

That’s all we’re asking for!

The UDP leadership and its hail Mary pass politics, political agenda and strategy is not good enough.

Can we have some common-sense politics, political agenda and strategy to redeem The Gambia, change and develop our national economy?

Yusupha Major Bojang

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