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Touray gets another 5 yrs at Islamic Council

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The Gunjur-born scholar was nominated by the Imam Ratib of Banjul Cherno Kah and seconded by his predecessor, Imam Banding Drammeh.

“Touray and his members have worked hard to improve the image and role of the council,” Imam Kah said. “Due to their successful performance, I move that we renew their term in order for them to complete the work they have started.”

All other incumbent members in the eleven-member GSIC executive committee were also returned unopposed, except Gibril Mahdi Kujabi, who passed away and Ebrima Touray, who went on further studies abroad. 

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Kujabi has been replaced by Ebrima Jarjue as second vice president while Muhammad Bakary Sillah took over Touray’s position as second secretary general.

In his speech after his re-election, Imam Touray said: “We thank you for the confidence you reposed in us. Despite the numerous scholars in our midst to choose from, you still permit us to remain in office. We promise to live up to your expectations and our doors are always open. We expect your support and prayers too in this effort.

“We thank President Jammeh for creating the conducive environment for Muslims to conduct their activities freely in the country. We pray that Allah keeps him in his position. May Allah enable him to complete all his development programmes for the country, and ease the captaining of the ship of state for him. We also pray for his family, government and everybody working with him for the advancement of the nation.” 

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Prior to the election, the congress adopted the secretary general’s report which outlined the activities of the GSIC for the past five years, the amended constitution and the treasurer’s report as well as plan of action for the next five years. 

In his report, the treasurer, Baba Drammeh Jr, reported that the council’s assets have experienced a steady decline over the past five years. 

He explained: “The total assets of the council in 2008 was D11,469,379, but declined to D10,804,876 in 2009. This further decline to D10,140,373 in 2010 and D9,475,870 in 2011. In 2012, assets declined to D8,811,367 and D8,146,865 in 2013.”

On income and expenditure, Drammeh revealed that a deficit of D213,370 in 2008 grew to D748,083 in 2009 and 848,776 in 2010. 

This has been reduced to D383,299 in 2011 before it climbed again to D898,619 in 2012 and slightly dropped to D595,431 in 2013, he noted. 

Meanwhile, the other executive members are: first vice president Sheriff Badjan; secretary general Dr Mbaye Kah; assistant secretary general (Arabic) Cherno Darboe; assistant secretary general (English) Aja Jainaba Dibba; treasurer Baba Drammeh; assistant treasurer Momodou Lamin Kanteh; auditor Baba Abubacarr Drammeh; and assistant auditor Aja Maimuna Savage.


By Ousman Bojang


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