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Tribute to Solo Sandeng

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As The Gambia strives and seeks for the much electoral reform that you fought for and die, your powerful voice will forever be remembered and honored. Mr. Sandeng, you were not an ordinary citizen but a loyal patriot whose sacrifice is recognized and admired.

We are more than proud of your immense contribution and invaluable sacrifices to our democracy and collective destiny.

Sendeng sense of patriotism was rare. You were a youth promoter and a community mobilizer. I noticed your smart and intelligent voice well before I joined politics.  You were a promising advocate with so much passion and energy was murdered in cold blood just demanding electoral reform that could have ushered in a multi-party-democracy and level ground for elections.

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It’s a shame after 7 years, what of you died for still exists as part of the laws governing us. When will Gambians stand up to demand the much-needed reforms of the laws that Solo Sendeng and others fought or die?

The work and legacy of Solo Sendeng, will be remembered when we change the laws we found for. Sending will only rest and be silent in his grave until when the laws he fought for are change and until then the struggle continues

Gambians cannot remain silent. Silence is not an option. We must not just speak out but we must stand up for the reforms as respect to Solo Sendeng’s sacrifice.

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Kemeseng Kexx Sanneh

The merchant of lies, a satire

In the sub region, he is a well-known merchant. His main commodity is information. Some are true but a lot more lies. He specializes in peddling lies, spinning tales, and manufacturing scenarios; his clients are Africa’s most powerful men. He sells them information that ensures they remain in power. And for this, he is highly compensated. His business empire afforded him a life he could have only dreamt of. It gave him powers beyond the imagination. He can make or break other men with a mere stroke of his pen. But with all that power, the merchant of lies lives in a perpetual state of fear. Fear that someday, all his lies could unravel and he’d lose everything. The lands, the properties, the status, the opportunities, the power, and above all the adulation! Oh yes, the man would do anything for the adulation. His insatiable and inflated ego needs it. Without that ego, the merchant of lies is a nobody! And he has to be somebody. And so the merchant of lies redoubled his efforts. He needs to find the biggest and best lies to sell his overlords. He must prove his worth.

The merchant of lies decided to fabricate an elaborate tale about the world ending for his benefactor. He claims to know the evil spirits that are trying to end his benefactor’s world. The merchant of lies knows all about the fears of his benefactor. In fact, they share common fears. Just as they share a common dream. And the merchant of lies had perfected his tradecraft of deceit, duplicity, corruption, and greed over the years. Even as a young boy, he knew how to play up to the ego of those he believed had power. He understood the essence of subservience. He knew the rewards it came with. And so he presented himself as the caring underling, the one that will do anything for the benefit of the benefactor. He made himself believable. He assumed a humble disposition. He knew what his benefactors wanted and he always delivered.

For his grand scheme, the merchant of lies took a very small truth and inextricably weaved it into a big fat lie. He was hailed as a hero. Seen as the savior. The merchant of lies had imaginary enemies. Enemies he is very fearful of. Enemies that make him look bad and incompetent. He fabricated this latest tale to entrap his imaginary enemies. His narrative made it to kingdoms far and away. The tale generated more attention than he desired. “Oh, but what a tangled web we weave when first we attempt to deceive.” The tale took on a life of its own. It became the merchant’s Frankenstein. People began shooting holes in his tale. All of a sudden, the merchant of lies no longer feels invulnerable. He manufactured more lies to pepper over the other lies. But the more he covered, the more holes appear. His career is on the line. All that he fell for is about to be revealed. He touched the wrong enemy. And this one is stealth; knows much more about the merchant than most people…. The merchant decided there and then that he must tell his benefactor that this enemy is in fact Dajjal… that this enemy must be vanquish.

Alagie  Saidy-Barrow

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