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Trust in God always

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By Cynthia A.A. Mahoney

Scientific studies have shown that putting one’s trust in God improves one’s quality of life. Faith, prayer and worship services make us healthier and more contented; they even increase the length of life and reduce many sinful acts.

Moreover, people who confidently leave their future in God’s hands and are able to let go their worries, experience faith’s supporting power. Typical of this attitude, are simple prayers such as “Thy will be done.” Because of man’s nature, there’s no limit to the things we can fret over; our kids, our old folks, our health, our finances, our relationships, our possessions. The bible admonishes us to cast all our anxieties on God, for He cares for us.
Jesus Christ teaches us how not to worry by providing inspiring lessons from nature. In the Sermon on the Mount, he told his audience that people must not worry about life, or food or clothing because the birds of the air do not sow, or reap or store in barns, because God feeds them. Yet human beings are much more valuable than birds.

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Indeed, some people stress and worry so much so that they are blind to the joyful life that slips right through their fingers, as they spend too much time brooding over how to live.
Jesus draws attention to the birds to illustrate an attitude of trust that will help us make progress in life. The bottom-line is, no matter what circumstances we face on this earth, we should try to live by faith in the knowledge that we have a loving father who love and cares for us.
Worries melt away when we truly believe that we’re safe in God’s compassionate hands.

The difference women
make in leadership role
Women develop different leadership styles these days from those of their male peers which help enormously to enhance their performance. Studies have shown that women tend to identify more with the people who will be affected by their decisions than male counterparts, as women tend to be more democratic, friendly and more open to change with greater ability to work collectively.

One of the core values of leadership is teamwork and the ability to coordinate, and have a good sense of empowering others.
It is argued that as women value caring, being involved, helping and being responsible, they have no problem to make intuitive decisions in structuring their organisations as networks rather than hierarchies.

One of the major disadvantages women face is the competition in obtaining key political positions that were once highly individualised. Today, women should be willing to take risks, step out and challenge whatever there is. Women are no longer affected by the danger of stereotyping as in the past.

We see today that the exclusion of women from positions of power in public life, denies society the special contribution that women whose life experiences and priorities are often very different from those of men may make to decision-making.
There is no doubt that women bring distinctive values, priorities and perspectives to public life, since their traditional preoccupation with the home and family make them particularly sensitive to issues and decisions that affect women, children, and every aspect of family life.

Women are visionaries, because they don’t sit and watch things happen; they make them happen. They possess a high degree of integrity, which makes them good and trustworthy leaders. In Africa and around the globe, we read about high-powered women leaders, who help to make the world more peaceful.

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