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Turo’s VDF distributes over 5000 bags of sugar

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Momodou Turo Darboe and his Vision Development Foundation have done it again.
At their second Friday Ramadan gift presentations, they distributed 5,500 bags of sugar to 44 institutions, individuals and Mosques. At a small presentation ceremony, the head of TANGO, Ansumana Yarboe described Mr Darboe’s benevolence as now a common feature of the calendar year in the Gambia.

He said VDF Ramadan gifts and other philanthropic gestures are unrivaled humanitarian projects.
Yusupha Cham, Presidential adviser on politics, commended Mr Darboe and the VDF for complementing the government’s efforts and strengthening its hand in interventions of humanitarian nature. Other speakers including Imams of Mosques praised the VDF and Mr Darboe for executing the command of Allah which is to help the people with one’s wealth. So far, the VDF has distributed well over 12,000 bags of sugar at its weekly presentations.
Meanwhile the daily Ramadan gift presentations continue at the Foundation’s head office in Talinding.

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