TVET UNESCO-KOICA project consultant visits MoBSE PS Mendy


Dr. Ayele Adubra Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Consultant at UNESCO-KOICA project in The Gambia on Wednesday made a courtesy visit to PS at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education. 

The purpose of her visit was aimed at working with the ministry to develop TVET policy within the sector.

During the meeting, Dr. Ayele Adubra thank Permanent Secretary, Louis Moses Mendy for giving her the opportunity to visit the ministry and she informed that MoBSE was her first official visit after arriving in the country on Tuesday.


According to Dr. Ayele, MoBSE is a key stakeholder to UNESCO-KOICA project adding: “We cannot talk about TVET in the absence of MoBSE, we will talk and listen to MoBSE’s expectations and involve the sector in the whole process,” she told MoBSE No. 2 man

She informed PS Mendy that she is associated with lots of organizations and work with UNESCO for number of years, this is why she was commissioned to assist Gambia in developing their TVET policy.

Assured PS Mendy of her office readiness to address some challenges while equally explained that they may not be able to address all but will try their best.

Permanent Secretary, Louis Moses Mendy applauded, Dr. Ayele Adubra for her timely visit to his ministry which he said is gear towards having good TVET policy putting in place at MoBSE.

“TVET training is central to MoBSE policy and we are the sector responsible for the formation of young people by preparing them along the career so that when they grow up, they would have option as to what part they want to take in their professional career,” PS Mendy informed Dr. Adubra.

He informed Dr. Adubra that there are 8 technical schools in the country and a new technical training center in Banjul meant for students and youth in the City and outsiders.

“We want them to be fully engage in their lives rather than taking undesirable backway journey to Europe and a country that is not skillful wouldn’t be progressive as expected,” he informed Dr. Adubra.

Attended by Director, Technical and Higher Education and PEO, Anthony G. Mendy and Fatou Janneh both at MoHERST and deputy project coordinate at UNESCO-KOICA project, Ms. Ndeban Joof-Ndong.

By Lamin B. Darboe, Information Officer, MoBSE.