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UDP coordinator condemns ‘booing’ Darboe at Faraba

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By Amadou M Jadama

Foday Gassama, the United Democratic Party regional youth coordinator for West Coast, has condemned the reported booing of UDP leader Ousainu Darboe by youths of Faraba when he went to show sympathy with the families following the fatal shootings.
Speaking to The Standard Thursday, Gassama said the attitude of the Faraba youth was uncalled for because Darboe’s mission was one of peace and sympathy saying he was the first high-profile official to visit the village after the ugly incident.“I see no reasons why they could not treat him with respect and first listen to him,” he said.

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Commenting further on the incident, Gassama said the shooting was very unfortunate and was never the wish of anybody so no one should politicise it.
“There are some unscrupulous elements among them who politicized the incident, hence the targeting of Darboe who actually went there to sympathize.

“Darboe does not deserve this. He scarified his life for this country. When Jammeh was here who was crazy to take to the streets for a demonstration?” Gassama quizzed.
The UDP regional coordinator also condemned the use of live ammunition by the police on unarmed civilians as unacceptable. However Gassama blamed the IGP, the head of the SIS and the Interior for failing in their role to avoid this incident.
“I only hope this is not a move to undermine President Barrow’s government,” Gassama said.

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