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By Sheriff Bojang

A stalwart and one of the main financer of the opposition UDP, Alagie Conteh, has joined the NPP of President Barrow.

Making the declaration at a rally at Jambur village commons last night, the businessman said it is his constitutional right as a citizen to support the party of his choosing. He said he has come to the realisation that it is in his own best interest and in the interest of his followers and the country that he joins hands with his old friend President Adama Barrow to develop the country.

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He said Kombo and Kombonkas have not had a fair deal in the half-a-century administrations of Jawara and Jammeh and expressed his hope that the second term of President Barrow will witness the fulfillment of the general aspirations of the people of the important region.

In opening the meeting, Information minister Ebrima SIllah, a native of Jambur, said Mr Conteh’s joining the NPP marks the beginning of Operation Sweep the Kombos [for NPP].

He said Mr Conteh is an old friend of the president’s and that “he has returned to his natural home”.

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NPP regional chairman Lamin Jatta underscored the point and said his party is resolved not to leave any Kombo native including UDP kingpin Ba Jamba Bojang of Brufut to “continue to wallow in opposition.”

He said Mr Conteh’s defection to the NPP will add “significant value” to the party.

Dou Sannoh, a close aide to the president, said Alagie Conteh “has not cross-carpeted but merely returned to his house”.

He said it is universally agreed that Alagie Conteh is a good man but that he will find in President Barrow an even better person.

He said NPP will support Mr Conteh in his business ventures so that he can continue to support Gambians.

He cautioned militants of UDP, Mr Conteh’s former party, from waging a war of calumny against him, saying if they do, NPP will defend Mr Conteh.

He urged all well-meaning Gambians to rally behind NPP and Barrow.

Alhaji Jung Conteh, former Kombo East chief and elder brother of Alagie Conteh, said the Conteh family and followers of Alagie Conteh welcomed his decision and will follow him into their new NPP family.


Alagie Conteh the managing director of Dabanani Electrical Company was a close associate of President Barrow but fell out with him after the president set up his party.

In the run-up to December’s presidential election, his company account was garnished and the president later issued an executive directive instructing agencies of the government from working with him.

Yesterday’s meeting was attended by people from across Kombo including alkalolu and the council of elders.

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