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By Omar Bah

Opposition United Democratic Party supporter, Ramou Sabally, has spoken out in an audio she said was to clear the air about a supposed meeting she attended allegedly called to discuss a succession plan for KM Mayor Talib Bensouda to take over from Ousainu Darboe.

The former National People’s Party (NPP) women mobiliser has come under serious attack from people who accused her of attending the supposed meeting and also for being part of the people trying to split the UDP. Reacting to the allegations in a WhatsApp audio obtained by The Standard, Madam Sabally explained that she was called by one Kharafa Sonko to attend a meeting at the KMC but she was not informed what the meeting was about.

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“I don’t even know whether there is any leadership succession discussion or issue in the UDP. I was called by Ebrima Dibba and Kharafa Sonko for a meeting at Talib Bensouda’s office. I was surprised when I arrived there because I saw all pictures of UDP leader Ousainu Darboe packed on the ground. That was the time I realised that the meeting was not called in good faith. So, when I entered, I found them sitting and they asked me to join their team to campaign for Talib Bensouda to become the flag-bearer of the party. I am surprised that the same people are going round tarnishing my name,” Ramou said.

She further said she has made it clear to the group that the only person she knows and approves as party leader is Ousainu Darboe.

“I cannot and I am not trying to attack anyone. If anyone attacks me, I will deal with you to the end,” she said. She called on the UDP leadership to come out and stop the group that is trying to divide the party.  According to Madam Sabally, Kharafa Sonko and one Beni Marong were part of the meeting.

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“I don’t know whether these people want me to leave the UDP but I want to assure them that I will die in the UDP and even if I am going to leave the party, then that will mean that I leave politics,” she said.   

Ebrima Dibba explains

Reacting to Madam Sabally’s comments in another audio obtained by The Standard, Ebrima Dibba, the UDP deputy organizing secretary said: “A lot of people called me about a supposed audio by Ramou Sabally but I don’t know why she mentioned my name. However, I know I have never discussed anything regarding UDP’s leadership and I don’t belong to any camp. I have not told her to come and join any camp. I have nothing against anybody.” 

The Standard contacted UDP spokesperson Almamy Taal for comments but he was unreachable.   

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