Development is multifaceted and has various dimensions. It is sometimes difficult to know where to start; but, there are certain areas of development that are so important that they cannot be ignored or left behind. The reason is that many other areas depend largely on these to run smoothly. Key among these is the provision of utilities; that is, water and electricity.

When these are provided, the rest falls into place like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. In the case of electricity, investors start coming into the country as they are assured of its stable and constant supply. The production sector also picks up as it depends on power to function. Employment opportunities are created and thus the economy receives a jolt which will push it up.

In the case of the provision of clean and potable water, it promotes good health and productivity. On the other hand, if there is no clean and potable water, the problems become so numerous that finding solutions to them becomes almost impossible. Even the United Nations has recognized the provision of water as a basic fundamental human right.


When there is a lack of water, the first causalty is the health of the population. Communicable diseases spread like wildfire and consume the country in no time. This will ravage the youth and women who are the workforce of the nation. This in turn will place a huge burden on our beleaguered healthcare system. A battered economy like ours cannot take another lashing from a huge and expensive medical bill. Health cannot be attained in the absence of a good, clean and potable water supply.

In the past few weeks, the provision of utilities has been a huge problem in the country. There are complaints from all sections of society as people are unable to enjoy even a semblance good provision of utilities. The electricity is erratic, the taps are dry and it’s just disheartening to see long lines of buckets queuing in the streets waiting for water to flow from the taps.

The problem of utilities in this country is perennial and very complex, it seems. Government should address this as soon as possible because among the few things that can cause restlessness in the general population – especially the youth – is the lack of electricity and water. Once the frustration reaches a certain level, it will spill over and that is not good for the country.

Take the bull by the horn and tackle this problem before it is too late.