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WAL Lotto relishes Brufut football partnership

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“We were proud to see that many people from the community attended the ceremony, including the Alkalo which demonstrated that the community is willing to support Brufut United to the fullest. The fans too are important pillars and we noted with satisfaction their presence which is vital to teamwork and also the fact that both on and off- the pitch issues were addressed at the signing ceremony,” Mamadi Ceesay of Lotto said.

He expressed happiness at Lotto’s good relations with Brufut which was among the first places to embrace the company, providing customers and many of its first agents “who are doing very well”.

Lotto’s sister company, West African Quarry products Ltd which is also owned by  Mamadi Ceesay and Ba S Jabbi ,was also  introduced to the people of Brufut with a pledge that   henceforth people in  Brufut needing stones and gravel will be supplied at reduced prices as a part of the sponsorship package 

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In another development, WAL were also present at a grand wrestling event hosted by M&B Promotions on December 27 which turned out to be a huge success.

“We are delighted that as the main sponsor of the event, WAL can  proudly  announce that we support  the growth of traditional wrestling and that we will continue to support the sport  through the federation,” Ceesay said.

He added that Lotto is happy with the support it receives from Gambians despite many challenges encountered everyday. 

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“We do come across hostile and unethical behaviour from certain groups of people who either are jealous or see us as a competitor for their businesses for some reasons.  I have said it before and I will repeat it, we are running a clean business with the best and fairest draw in this country. We are contributing not only to the development of the youths but also to the Gambian welfare system. In short, we run our business and let others run theirs. We are here to stay,” he stressed. 

In conclusion Lotto announced it will employ 200 more youths in the first three months of the New Year and are preparing a surprise package for their customers to be unveiled once the expansion process starts.

The result and payment report of the 3rd January 2015 draws are as follows:


 Winning numbers: 19-32-12-06-24-22


No winners for 6 correct for the D1 million prize.

No winners for 5 correct 

116 winners on 4 correct 1050 Dalasis each

355 winners on 3 correct 2 free tickets each

1701-  winners on 2 correct, 1 free ticket each 


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