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‘We will celebrate The Gambia’s golden jubilee in ‘grand style’


The former agriculture minister told The Standard yesterday: “The golden Jubilee belongs to the Gambian people, it was the Gambian people who supported the PPP to attain independence in 1965. That is why it is a day of reflection for Gambians; to rekindle hopes and aspirations for the development of this country. We as PPP will celebrate this day with the Gambian people. We are preparing a big programme as the party given the opportunity and privilege to lead this country to independence in 1965. We will celebrate with respect that people expect from us as the party that led The Gambia to independence. Anybody who celebrates the 50th anniversary of our independence will know that you are celebrating with PPP; like it or not, because it was the PPP that brought independence to this country against lot of odds both within and outside The Gambia. 

“We are very proud because the people of this country entrusted us the responsibility to carry out their wishes and aspirations to be independent. We will be very much involved in The Gambia’s golden jubilee celebrations.  We will organise a programmme as a party to celebrate this important day and remind the people of this country that fifty years ago it was the PPP that fought for their liberty, freedom and dignity. And PPP has come again to try and restore those values we fought for during and after independence. We want to institute a government that believes in human rights, rule of law, freedom of the press, and constitutional rule. 

 “It is high time for people to stand up and speak, we all have a say in running this country. There is too much of violations of human rights. So many disappearances, people detained unlawfully, journalists arrested.  We should be God-fearing believers. In addition, believers are supposed to be people who trust in God and believe in Holy Qur’an or Bible.” 


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