2 Killed Near the Senegambia strip


By Lamin Cham

Police in Kanifing yesterday removed a Mauritanian couple found dead in their shop near the Poco Loco Junction in the Senegambia strip.

The man identified as Sheikh Babou, was said to have lived in the area for at least 20 years.


According to a police source, the dead couple was discovered by a neighbour who was alerted by the continual crying of a baby in the locked shop, prised open the shop window and saw two dead bodies lying near each other behind the counter.

The neighbour then reportedly shouted for help and the police arrived and removed the baby which suffered wounds to its leg.

By the time we went to the press last night the child was being treated at the Serekunda General Hospital.

A police source said Sheikh Babou had deep lacerations on his stomach leaving his intestines protruding from his belly.

The police could not give details or a timeline of events leading to the homicides but a police source said it is widely suspected that the two were involved in a struggle which must have started in the bedroom spattered with stains of blood.

The two bodies were removed by police led by Deputy Commissioner Pateh Bah assisted by personnel from the Fire, Ambulance and Rescue Services.

The path leading to the scene of the killings was packed with curious onlookers including the Mauritanian ambassador to The Gambia.