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23 film makers graduate with MPAC

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Organised by the National Centre for Arts and Culture (NCAC) and funded by UNESCO, the successful students were awarded the prestigious Motion Picture Art Certificate (MPAC). 

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Mr Essa Jallow, one of the resource persons of the course, said:  “I am proud to be a resource person [in this course]. I am also proud of the trainees who’ve interacted very well with us and worked hard to produce five films. This is a big step in the development of film [production] in The Gambia. Therefore it’s time to do away with mediocrity and embrace professionalism. Our films should look like our films and not film from the other so-called “wood” family. I simply mean we should stop copying. For me it’s the fulfillment of one of my desires, to share my knowledge and experience with Gambians.”

The course was coordinated by Sheik Omar Jallow who said he was pleased that the objectives of the course had been met. “The most important thing is that we have with this course set up the country’s cinema industry because these graduates are the future talents in the industry,” he said.

He added: “Some are independent producer, while others are with the national television. So the overall expectation is that the quality of the film industry will be greatly boosted with this course.”

Some the students produced films on traditional wrestling, Kankurang (masquerade), Kanyelleng and world heritage sites in The Gambia.


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