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‘3 Years Jotna Rival Group Emerges

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By Omar Bah

A group calling itself ‘Barrow for 5 years’ campaign has emerged to rival the 3 years Jotna, a rapidly growing activist group calling for President Adama Barrow to respect his campaign promises to step down after three years.

According to the group’s secretary general, Ebrima Sorrie Bah, the newly founded movement aims to campaign for President Barrow to serve the constitutionally required term of five years as opposed to the so-called unsigned 2016 Coalition agreement “that is unbinding”.

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Bah said the main objective of the movement is to sensitise Gambians on the constitutional relevance of the five years at a time when ‘disgruntled Gambians in the diaspora are inciting and pushing for illegal demonstrations’ in the name of 3 years Jotna in December this year to force President Adama Barrow to step down.

“This movement strongly recognized the possible threat and negative impact of the 3 years Jotna if not checked.

Therefore the peace and tranquility of our beloved Gambia must be preserved by all at all times.

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Consequently the Gambia needs to be sensitised to reject the 3 years Jotna campaign in totality,” Bah said in a letter shared with The Standard yesterday.

The executive committee of the newly founded movement will on Saturday hold a press conference and an executive meeting to officially launch the movement.

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