According to reports reaching The Standard, the four men were arrested by the police shortly after the death of Mr Sinera and are waiting to be arraigned. Among the charges they will face is the first degree murder of Mr Sinera in the Libyan city of Ghadames.

Mr Sinera met his untimely death when armed men believed to be in drunken stupor, attacked a neigbourhood where Gambian immigrants were resident. They held the neigbhbourhood to ransom for about thirty minutes before the arrival of armed police and a complement of other security personnel.

“Alfusainey met his untimely death after receiving shots to his head and abdomen, when he attempted to close the door from the attackers. He was the very one who cooked dinner for us on that very night,” said Bakary Jammeh, Mr Sinera’s roommate in Libya, who is also from The Gambia.


Libya is awash with guns following the violent overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Mr Jammeh said the hail of gunfire and he hailed the people of Ghadames for valiantly standing up and defending their community before armed police and soldiers came to salvage the situation. “Many people were taken hostage and the villagers mobilized themselves and fought them before the arrival of the police,” Mr Jammeh explained.

“We were together in the same neighbourhood but not in the same house when the attack started. When I first heard the gun fire, I managed to move almost a hundred meters away, watching the situation from this distance, but some were hiding in the house with my late friend. Thank God that his death found him on his praying mat. The operation found him doing Isha`a prayers as he prayed the first two raka’ats. Shots started just before he started the second raka’at.  Alfusainey ran to close the door amidst raining bullets while everyone in the house was running to hide.  Oh My God, Alfusainey went to close the door but he answered to his Lord, Allah,”  Jammeh tearfully told The Standard. 


Author: Sanna Camara