4 win first ‘Gambia Leadership Award’


Reacting to the award, the university vice chancellor, Professor Kah said: “I am deeply honoured and humbled to be the recipient of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of The Gambia and chancellor of the University of The Gambia, Sheikh Professor Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh National Leadership Award. I return gratitude to Allah for giving me the opportunity to serve my country as the first Gambian born to head our highest citadel of learning- The University of the Gambia and also to be the overseer/Principal of the Gambia College, where we are preparing students for the socio-economic development of The Gambia and beyond.

“I thank His Excellency, our chancellor for his bold vision in establishing the University of The Gambia and for having confidence  in my ability to lead my colleagues and put in the UTG on the path to becoming a world-class university. One person cannot build an institution and certainly, not this Vice Chancellor, thus I thank the hard working men and women at UTG and the Gambia College, who have joined hands with me to implement our chancellor’s vision… 

“I received this award that came to me with total surprise and appreciation. This coveted award potentially represents an aspiration that all can aspire to attain and means a lot for all. You have the Mo Ibrahim Abraham Award and now we have these two potential annual awards.”


Muhammadou Kah is a professor of Information technology and communications at the University of The Gambia. He has been recently appointed as the vice chairman of the National Committee on Science, Technology & Innovation by the President of The Gambia.  Prof Kah is the third vice chancellor of the University of The Gambia and was involved in the pre-dawn of the UTG.


Author: Sainey Darboe