By Omar Bah

The deputy spokesperson of the opposition Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction, APRC, Dodou Jah, has confirmed receiving information that seven of the party’s much talked-about seized vehicles have been given for return.

The party has spent the last four years demanding the release of its assets that were seized soon after the new government froze former president Jammeh’s assets as an enquiry into his financial dealings went on. That enquiry, the Janneh Commission, concluded that Jammeh stole billions of Gambian dalasis and recommended the sake of his properties.


But the APRC had always argued that the party’s assets which include vehicles and bank accounts are not owned by Jammeh and they should be returned.

Recently, the APRC confirmed that they are in talks with President Barrow’s NPP among others and some of the key demands they put in the negotiation are the return of those assets as well as that of the former president. In the last few days, rumours emerged that the APRC and NPP have come to terms as a result of which the former ruling party’s assets would be returned.

The Standard contacted government spokesman Ebrima Sankareh but neither him no NPP officials contacted could confirm this.

However, when contacted, the APRC deputy spokesman Dodou Jah said:

“I have just received information that seven vehicles have been given and three others are on the way”.

But Mr Jah said he was not in a position to confirm whether the vehicles are from President Barrow or the government.

He also clarified that the said vehicles are not brand new as claimed by some sections.

“This is why the vehicles have to go to a mechanic for servicing before we will have access to them. This is why we cannot confirm exactly because they are yet to be in our possession. Once we receive them, we will make it public because they belong to the party,” he said.

Asked whether the party’s accounts have been de-frozen too, Jah said: “I cannot confirm for now but I will be able to clear these issues after our executive meeting.”

Jah however expressed appreciation for the return of the party’s vehicles. “It will be very good news for the party and its followers,” he said.

However, the spokesman of the party Musa Amul Nyassi said he does not know about the return of the vehicles. “It is not to my knowledge,” he said.