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Abba Printing House unveils affordable core textbooks for pupils

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It made the public presentation of the textbooks on Saturday at the Officers’ Mess in Kotu. 

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According to Abba Printing House, parents can now buy grade one to two core text books at a retail price of D150 each, grade three to four could get theirs at a retail price of D175 each, and grade five and six D200 each book.

Sheriff Hydara, a representative from the ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, applauded Abba Printing House for providing the books at such an avoidable price. 

Hydara said: “You bookshops owners I appeal to you not to inflate these prices.”

He said as a ministry they want all parents in the country to be able to buy the core textbooks for their children regardless of their financial status.

He disclosed that when Abba Printing House approached the ministry with the proposal of providing core textbooks for all the private schools, the ministry was doubtful of the capability of Abba to keep their word. He said now that the books are available in the country in good quality, the ministry would continue to support the company in all its endeavours.

“As a ministry, our doors are open to any person or organization that wants to complement us to provide quality education for all in this country,” he said.

The Chief Executive Officer Abba Printing House Pastor Frances Gomez said with the support of the ministry of Basic and Secondary School Abba would strive to solve the problems of lack of core textbooks in the lower basic schools. 

“We know our government is advocating quality education and that can be only achieved with good text books,” he said. 

Pastor Gomez said Abba Printing House aims and objective are to provide core text books at an affordable price for parents to buy for their children.

Pastors Matthias George, the country chairman for Food for Hungry International, said the whole idea of development of a country depends on its education. He said most of the problems Africa is facing is due to lack of knowledge.

“It is very unfortunate that many Africans associate books with the white man,” Pastor George said. 

This notion the Pastor said is not true because books started in Egypt which is in Africa. He thanked Abba Printing House for providing the books for the educational purpose of Gambian children at a minimal price.

The occasion was graced by heads of various private schools and bookshop owners in the country.


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