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Afnow marks World Orphan Day

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In his keynote address under the theme; ‘Be the Guardian of the Orphans,’ Sandang Bojang, the chairperson of Afnow board of trustees expressed his delight and gratitude for the commemoration of the World Orphan Day.

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“Afnow as a community based organisation is the first and only organisation in The Gambia that observes World Orphan Day where a platform is given to the orphans to air out their needs and challenges in life. Through concerted effort, people can help alleviate the suffering that many of them face and can provide brighter prospects for their future. There is nothing on the surface of the earth that can take away the pain of the children who have lost one or both parents due to illness, accident or conflict or of children whose parents due to circumstances are not able to care for them. But we can, through concerted effort, help alleviate the suffering that many of them face and can provide brighter prospects for their future.”

Buba Janneh, the coordinator of Afnow said parents must fulfill their responsibilities to provide care for their children.

“The Convention on the Rights of the Child recognises that children have the best chance of developing their full potential in a family environment. The primary responsibility for their care rests upon their parents and legal guardians, who are entitled to seek support from the government, genuine organisations and individuals in raising their children. When parents or guardians are unable to fulfill their responsibilities, communities should take it up to provide care for the children. However, the ultimate responsibility falls on the government to ensure that children are placed in appropriate alternative care.”

Kebba Barrow, a member of the board of trustees in his intervention said: “Research has shown that in every three minutes one child is orphaned and so we have to help them in many way such as educating them, providing them with shelter was clothing among others in order for them to realise that they are part of the society.”


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