G-Bissau orders Casamance fighters to leave


The locality serves as a hideout for MFDC troops fighting for the independence of Senegal’s southern province of Casamance. Cande made the statement on Monday during a meeting with MFDC representatives in Farim, a small town located about fifteen kilometers from the border with Senegal.

The MFDC delegates were there to offer apologies over an incident a few hours earlier, between a Bissau-Guinean government convoy and a gaggle of armed men believed to belong to the movement.

 “The convoy of the Minister of Internal Administration was ambushed after being intercepted by some MFDC fighters based in Sinthian Aladje and Sinthian Bele villages as it was patrolling the border with Senegal which is difficult to access”, an official source told APA.


MFDC rebels have been settled in the Djumbembe area, using an old camp as a base to launch attacks or steal cattle in Senegal. The Djumbembe area was the setting for an old camp built by Guinea Bissau’s national liberation fighters led by the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde during the war of independence.

This camp was used by MFDC fighters to launch incursions into Casamance villages and attack public transport vehicles on National Highway 6 (N6) commonly known as the South Road linking Ziguinchor and Kolda, the two main cities in southern Senegal.