Ahmadiyya leader releases book on world crisis and the pathway to peace’


“ His Holiness, the Supreme  and Spiritual Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V (ATBA), delivered many speeches at various forums. He also wrote letters to world political as well as religious leaders for the establishment of world peace.

“The speeches and letters are now compiled in a book entitled: World Crisis and The Pathway to Peace. This book is published in a period when the world is passing through turbulent times as the global economic crisis continues to manifest newer and graver dangers. His Holiness warns the world of the fast impending dangers and offers concrete and solid guidance. He also shows world leaders how they can use their positions and influences to avert disaster and chart a course to peace.

“We firmly believe that world peace can only be established when citizens, governments, organisations and leaders all work together to achieve this great treasure and premise for development, and the best way to establish it is to talk about it.


“I pray that the guidance and prayers contained in this book will be a source of light for humanity towards a more just and peaceful society in this era of grave danger. May Allah the Almighty be your Guide, Helper and Provider and give us the craving to usher and maintain peace. May He continue showering peace, stability, security, prosperity and tranquility on our beloved country and humanity at large.”