Air Senegal compensates passenger after court order

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By Omar Bah

Air Senegal has paid D50, 000 compensation to a Gambian, residing in Salagi, following a court order for the airlines Banjul representative, Malick Diop, to be arrested and taken to Mile 2.

Last year, Kalma Keikura, filed legal actions against Air Senegal claiming the recovery of his luggage containing valuables. Mr Keikura also claimed the recovery of the sum of D34, 000 being the cost of items entrusted to Air Senegal for transmission from the Gambia to Sierra Leone.


According to the particulars of offense, Mr Keikura contracted the airline to transport two bags containing his personal belongings which include a tablet, electronics, snickers and some expensive clothes.

In December last year, a Kanifing court ordered the Senegalese national carrier to pay D45, 000 to  Mr Keikura after the company failed to attend any of the court proceedings despite being notified on several occasions by the court.

Last week, the court ordered that the airline’s Banjul representative who is also the second defendant in the case to be arrested and taken to Mile 2 for six weeks or until the court decides otherwise.

However, according to credible sources at the Kanifing Magistrate, upon receiving the notification of arrest warrant, Mr Diop rushed to the court and paid D47, 000 out of the D50, 000 due to the passenger. He completed the payment of the remaining D3000 after police went for him at the airport.

A relieved Kalma Keikura told The Standard yesterday that he hopes his case and perseverance will serve as an inspiration to other Gambians who experienced the same challenges with Air Senegal or other flights.

“We must not allow the size of our country to determine our fate as a people. We should not allow people to take us for granted,” Kalma said.