APRC Veteran Jallow labels opposition ‘liability’


He said the opposition should endeavor to do more in creating opportunities by bringing in development partners whose investments Gambians can benefit from. He said tremendous results have been achieved in president Jammeh’s efforts at agricultural development, saying “vision 2016 is almost achieved which has been attested to by FAO in its latest report.”

In an exclusive interview with The Standard he said: “For us Jammeh is okay. He used to score 80% in previous elections but in 2016 he will score 100%. The other parties have already failed and are a liability to our society. They cannot make it again. They should be supporting Jammeh’s visions instead of critisising his policies and activities. If you are not supporting Jammeh’s development endeavors, you have totally failed. Every genuine, patriotic and development-oriented Gambian should support Jammeh’s development agenda.

“The opposition never participates in set settal or nation cleaning. So, are they genuine opposition? Being a genuine opposition is supporting your leader in all his endeavors. Criticising his achievements is a bad attitude but supporting his development endeavors is good. The opposition are a liability in our society. From 1994 to date, the government of The Gambia has spent US$100 million on agriculture. The coming of the July 22 revolution and the coming of vision 2016 food-self sufficiency has proven all skeptics wrong. If you go to rural and greater Banjul areas, nobody is paying school fees there at the primary school level.”


Jallow added: “Within 90 days, he was able to achieve with Vision 2016. Vision 2016 will be achieved. If agriculture was nurtured as it is today, things would have been very different.  The president has done well. He has done well with the support of Fulladu women in CRR. What I have seen in Jahally Parcharr was over whelming like Kudang and Kerewan Demba. There is no need to buy rice here again. We are at the end of rice importation to The Gambia. By 2015-16, we would not need to import rice from America, Thailand, Egypt or Sudan. At the moment what has been harvested is more than this country’s consumption,” he said.

Jallow paid tribute to president Jammeh for his intervention in the area of education and road building. He said many Gambians were “crying” for development and improved living-conditions in those days.

He declared his support for president Jammeh’s zero tolerance on homosexuality, while re-echoing his call for the opposition parties to put all their differences and party affiliations behind them and work towards a developed and peaceful Gambia.