By Isatou Jawara

The APRC National Assembly member for Foni Kansala, Musa Amul Nyassi, has declared that the APRC will celebrate the July 22 anniversary this year.

Speaking to The Standard Hon. Nyassi disclosed that the party has received a written permit from the office of the Inspector General of Police to mark the event.
“The Party militants will come together to celebrate the day in grand style and we want the whole Gambia to know that APRC is alive and the militants are still loyal to the Party,” he said.



The Kansala NAM further said the event will be marked with series of events. “I don’t want to say much because the Party has structures; we have an interim leader who is the chairman of the national coordinating committee.
There are plans for a press briefing at which lot of issues will be highlighted about the celebrations,” Hon Nyassi said.


He further said APRC has plans for its future and the party will move forward to consolidate the gains made, rectify the mistakes, weaknesses and keep the party alive and relevant to the Gambian people.
He said APRC executive committee meets regularly to discuss issues regarding the party.
“As a Party we cannot claim to be perfect but we also have success stories written all over in the history books of The Gambia,” Hon Nyassi said.