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Monday, October 2, 2023

Assembly to hand over controversial SUVs today

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The National Assembly will officially hand over vehicles to members today at 10am in Banjul.

A statement from the Assembly said the vehicle allocation follows a meticulously designed revolving loan scheme, wherein each Member is responsible for financing half of the cost of the vehicle during their five-year tenure.

“The implementation of this scheme serves multiple purposes. It streamlines transportation for our representatives, enabling them to effectively discharge their legislative responsibilities, even during unconventional hours, and to interact with constituents across the nation,” the statement said.

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The Assembly and members came under immense criticism for choosing to purchase luxurious and expensive cars at a time when the average Gambian is struggling economically. The cars cost D2.5 million each and several NAMs justified the move, saying they would be durable and therefore more logical than going for cheap and less strong cars.

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