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Avoid electing a bragging president, Darboe tells youths

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By Omar Bah

The United Democratic Party leader Ousainu Darboe has urged the young people of The Gambia that come 2021, they should go for a president who would listen to them and find solutions to their problems and not one who will brag about himself.

Addressing his supporters in Brufut Saturday, Darboe said the youths must take stock of the situation in the coming years to ensure that they elect a president who will be sensitive to their problems and not a president that will compete with them.

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“The country should be run by people who can live through their own means, through their own hard work, not through a position.

What we are seeing now is that people are earning a good living through their position,” he said.

Darboe said a future UDP government will make sure an anti-corruption commission is established to stamp out corruption.

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“This won’t be just by lip service but in real terms, because we have to fight corruption at all levels and we should not live by lip service.

We should live by examples.

We should be modest in our living and be content with what we have.

“We can create millionaires like other countries have done but we must have a society that is discipline, a society that is free from corruption.

This country should be in the hands of people who can earn their living through their knowledge and hard work,” he added.

The deputy party leader, Aji Yam Secka, reminded political party leaders who were in the Coalition and are now in government that they have not paid the D50, 000 they were asked to pay for the Coalition presidential campaign.

“Those who are today on top of the government bragging and creating all the misconceptions have not paid.

But the UDP have paid their D50, 000 although President Adama Barrow will say he is the one who paid for us but he did it on behalf of the party,” she added.

The former Lands Minister, Lamin Dibba warned the people of Kombo to avoid creating another Jammeh.

“You should not listen to anyone who will tell you to follow President Barrow’s agenda because UDP doesn’t have an individual agenda and we cannot align ourselves to anyone who has his own personal agenda,” he added.

He criticized the UDP national assembly members who decided to join the Barrow Youth Movement.

“They are joining Barrow under the pretense that they want to support the president in his development agenda.

But what work does a parliamentarian have with the president? Is that really the work of a national assembly member? If they are planning to betray the UDP they should not use the NDP as a scapegoat.

I want the national assembly members to know their job and why they were voted into office,” he stressed.

Dibba said what happened in the Gambia in Jammeh’s reign will never happen again, saying nobody can impose things on Gambians.

Also speaking, the UDP national assembly member for Kombo North Alhagie S Darboe, urged the presidency to avoid using the State House as a guest house.

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