Badjie risks ‘political suicide’ against Talib – MC Cham Jr

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By Tabora Bojang

Following his public declaration that the National People’s Party wants him to run in KM mayorship election, Sports Minister Bakary Badjie has become the hottest topic in political circles these days.  Even though he said he has not reached any decision yet on the matter, and that he prefers to stay at his ministerial job, credible NPP sources said he is almost certainly going to be the party’s candidate in the municipal election on May 20.

But while Mr Badjie continues to ponder his future, political actors in the region have been forming opinions about the possible outcome of the KM election even before it is held.


According to the campaign manager of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress, MC Cham Jr, Minister Bakary Badjie must not be fooled to dump his ministerial position to contest against incumbent Talib Bensouda because doing so will kill his budding young political career.

Mr Cham, who claimed to be a childhood friend to Minister Badjie, said the minister should know that local government elections, unlike the presidential election, is about community matters and as a result people go for candidates who are competent and attached to them in all aspects of their life and incumbent Bensouda has demonstrated very strong qualities, in terms vision, relations and transformation,

“Besides it very curious if not shameful that a whole ruling party has no sellable candidate in the whole of KM to take on Talib and instead has to force a state minister to resign or step aside and contest for them.  I think they want to find a civilised method of removing him from office because they know he will have no chance. Talib Bensouda is so grounded in KM now and he enjoys a lot of support from across political lines. Even neutrals appreciate Talib’s vision and connection with the people in KM,” Mr Cham said.

Cham said Badjie actually is doing a good job at his ministry and should be bold enough to opt out of any suggestion to have him contest.

“They want him to risk his political career. Why didn’t they go for other NPP people who might be interested and leave the minister to do his job?” MC Cham quizzed.