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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Bakau VDC repairs dilapidated community roads

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Commenting on the exercise, Foday Landing Jarjue on behalf of the Alkalo of Bakau said the main objective of the maintenance work was to complement the efforts of the community’s councilor.

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He exclusively told The Standard: “The young people and women of Bakau have all answered to the call of the VDC by contributing their quota to help in improving the infrastructure in the community. Some visitors especially tourists use this road down to the crocodile pool and it is very important for the people of Bakau to consider the construction of this road. Bakau has ten sub-wards and we are expecting to extend the work to Wassulung Kunda, Sanchaba and Farrokono. We started in Katchically because the place has become one of the tourism areas in Bakau. Bakau needs more development especially on road infrastructure, consistent energy and healthy sewage system.

 “My councilor is always agile when it comes to the development process in Bakau and hence he is at the local government level which is closer to the government. I know he will make some interventions so that Bakau has constant electricity supply, good sewage system, and good road networks and help women in the horticultural garden.  But he has tried to help the women acquire a borehole operated by solar energy in their gardens.”

Deputising the councilor, Alagie Tangikora said this is the first development work done by the VDC and they have so far brought in 30 truck load of gravel to help in the construction of the road.

“This has always been the definitive priority of the councilor since he came into office three years back to ensure that Bakau has a good road network and other developments. Kachically has become a tourism area used by tourists to visit the Katchically crocodile pool.  We clean the sewage system surrounding us for a healthy surrounding and this development will be circulated in all the sub-wards if more sponsors come on board to assist us to construct our roads as other institutions have done.”

Bessi Makalo who spoke on behalf of the women of Bakau said the initiative could not have come at a better time and it was important for them to take part in the development of their community.

She added: “I want to thank the president for the good development initiatives he has taken not only in the community of Bakau but in all parts of the country. We are behind him and we pray that our community will continue to progress in all areas of development and by extension the entire country.  


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