Barrow announces 15% increase on groundnut price


By Omar Bah 

President Adama Barrow on Saturday announced that his government plans to increase the price of groundnut to 15% in the coming season expected to start in December.  The president made this announcement during a meeting with his supporters at State House.

By last year’s Secco price, (D18,000) a 15 per cent increase in the price of a ton of groundnut will rise to D20,700.00


The Gambian leader also announced “there wouldn’t be any credit buying this year. There will be a change of system this year. If you deposit your groundnut at the Seccos you will be handed a cheque to go to the bank and collect your money and that will prevent anyone stealing money since it will not be in cash form,” he told NPP mobilisers and Yai Compins.

The president further disclosed that the National People’s Party will contest both the Niamina West and Kerr Jarga by-elections.

“I want to urge all of us to set an example in those two elections to show the whole country that our wrestlers will be difficult to wrestle down,” he said.

Barrow also revealed his government’s plans to construct the Kaur-Nianija road.

He called on Gambians to unite and bring an end to politics of insults and bigotry as that will not develop this country.

Barrow said although people are now free to express themselves, “it should be done in a civilised manner for the greater good of the country.

“There is too much noise in this country. Everyone is talking. We are having such noise because President Barrow is the one who brought democracy in The Gambia,” he said.

He said Gambia is experiencing proliferation of political parties because people feel “it is easy to jump onto the presidency”.

But he reminded his audience that the likes of Ousainu Darboe, Halifa Sallah, and Hamat Bah have all tried to remove Jammeh without success. “God doesn’t reward smartness but hard work. I came in three months and was able to remove Jammeh. They think that it is easy to ascend to the presidency because it took me only three months to defeat Jammeh. It is God that chooses presidents. I don’t even know how I got to the presidency. I was just called to come and help run for president,” Barrow said.