APRC presents car, motorbikes ahead of 2021 election


By Tabora Bojang

The former ruling APRC party has been busy over the weekend flexing its muscles ahead of the 2021 election. In a move they called the beginning of the road to State House, the party made a presentation of a brand new pickup and eight motor bikes for its regional offices during next year’s presidential election campaign.

The support, according to the party officials, was provided by the membership both at home and abroad, among them former Speaker of the National Assembly Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay.


Presiding over the ceremony, APRC interim leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta hailed the party’s membership for their ‘generous contributions’ to the party and urged them to continue to preserve and remain calm as they ‘work to restore the party’s past glory’ in next year’s polls.

Mr. Jatta said contrary to claims, all the party’s operations are supported by its membership.

Deputy spokesperson, Dodou Jah said despite efforts by the government to dwindle APRC, the party has taken some steps to improve mobility by furthering its fundraiser campaign to sustain its internal programmes in readiness for 2021 election.

Jah said the purchase of the new pickup and motor bikes with ‘many’ to follow is a statement of ‘intent’ to the coalition government that it has ‘failed’ in its bid to put APRC to a natural death after the forfeiture of its vehicles and freezing of accounts.

“The funds we raised from April to date are what we used to buy the car and the motor bikes. This is a message we want to send out to the Barrow government that the illegal forfeiture of our vehicles and freezing of our accounts designed to kill the APRC has failed. I always say APRC will not relent in the midst of all the difficulties we are going through. We believe in our strength as our motto”, Jah concluded.