Barrow promises Faraba justice


By Mafugi Ceesay

President Adama Barrow on Friday promised the villagers of Faraba that his government will get to the root causes of the incident that led to the killing of 3 young men in the village last week.
He said: “The sadness I felt about the killings in Faraba has never happened to me since I took the mantle of presidency. I am here to sympathise with you all. The incident that happens here is a sad story to all Gambians.”

He said his government will investigate, calling on Faraba residents to come out and testify to the investigators, as they are the only witness.
“But all of all you know that in the fight to remove Yahya Jammeh from power, I too lost my own son immediately I won the elections; all in our quest to ensure that peace in the country, ,” Barrow added.
While taking a jab at his opponents in the opposition—branding them as wolves in sheep clothing, Barrow cautioned Faraba residents to be mindful of those trying to capitalize on the incident for political gains.
“We can only have one president at a time. For now, I have been given a five-year mandate to rule. At the end of my five years mandate, then we can all weigh into the political race to run for the presidency.”